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History of Health for All

Health for All opened its doors in 1980, with the vision of removing barriers to health care for poor and minority children. The Original downtown Sacramento clinic was open only Saturdays and run by volunteers. When the clinic expanded its operation, within a year over 125 children were being cared for each month.

After incorporating as a nonprofit organization in 1981, Health for All added adult screenings, family planning, and short-term medical care to treat conditions such as colds and flu. At that time, the entire budget for Health for All was $60,000. Reimbursements for the early detection screenings and immunizations were covered under the Child Health and Disability Prevention Program of Sacramento County.

Health for All pioneered Adult Day Health Care services in Sacramento . When the program was established in 1982, downtown Sacramento had the highest concentration of elderly in the county, and few options for those who wished to remain independent. It began with a fledgling program that served eight persons, operating on $6,000 and a great deal of volunteer effort. Today, Health for All operates one of the largest Adult Day Health programs in the State, with a annual budget of approximately $3 million, and over 230 participants served each day.

Over the past two decades, Health for All has seen steady growth, increasing its staff to 120 persons. This nonprofit organization is still guided by the original vision of providing care to the medically underserved, delivering over $4 million in Child Health and Disability Prevention care and Medi-Cal services each year to poor children, frail low-income elderly adults, and disabled adults of all ages.

Health for all succeeds in developing a health care program that provides access for low-income people by offering a combination of culturally sensitive and multilingual staff, and transportation. It also provides health care-related jobs and training for community residents, including positions as community health worker, health educators, program aides and social workers.

The Health for All Community

Health for All is a community-based "safety net" health and social services provider that served low-income people in the most ethnically diverse and impoverished areas in Sacramento County . People who would not otherwise receive appropriate health care and social services, including disadvantaged children, adolescents, young parents and frail elderly, are served by this nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization.

Health for All provides care for the most vulnerable and impoverished 15 percent of the Medi-Cal population - those disadvantaged by lack of income and other barriers to necessary health education and care, including limited-English language skills, culture, lack of transportation or child care. Health for All also addresses special and chronic health problems suffered by this fragile population, including chemical dependency, diabetes, hypertension, and sickle-cell anemia.

A large number of Health for All's staff are drawn from the communities that the organization serves. The staff's background contributes to their knowledge and sensitivity to the social, economic and cultural issues that occupy those communities. Many of them are fluent in several languages including Spanish, Vietnamese, Hmong, Cantonese, Mandarin, Japanese, French, German, Russian, Tagalog, Cambodian, and Laotian. Bilingual medical assistants provide translation services during clinic provider-patient interaction, and develop written health education materials, enabling Health for All to serve its diverse client population more effectively.

Health for All operates two major programs: the Adult Day Health Care Centers , and the Community Clinics. ? With the organization's emphasis on community outreach and community building. ? Health for All locates its Community Clinics and Adult Day Health Care Centers where the target patient population lives - in extreme low-income areas of Sacramento . Health for All also promotes access to health care by sending staff into schools and churches and other community locations as needed.

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