North Avenue


Khou Vue
Clinical Manager

1281 North Avenue
Sacramento, CA 95815
(916) 924-6703 or FAX (916) 922-4578

Health For All, Inc. is a non-profit, multi-ethnic community based organization committed to providing health and social services to an under served population. The community clinics serves a population where the median income level is reported to be below the poverty line.

The congenial atmosphere, the availability of the multi-lingual staff and the dedication and thoroughness of the health team makes Health For All clinics an ideal provider of Medi-Cal services for many families and individuals residing within or outside the downtown Sacramento area. Also, off site clinics for well-children screening are conducted most weekends serving the needs of migrant children and the urban poor.

Health For All, Inc. is committed to provide the following:

  1. Quality health services to low income families
  2. Job training and employment, empowering community residents to become more self-sufficient
  3. New community programs based on need
  4. Self-sufficiency as an organization

As an organization, Health For All practices a management philosophy whereby staff and clients are empowered to successfully reach independence in thought and action. In a climate where collaboration, an open mind, creativity, flexibility, and encouragement are valued, we strive to meet our goal to provide health care for all.