We are a licensed non-profit multi-ethnic, community based program offering nursing/health care, restorative therapies, infertility treatment, social services and recreational activities for adults with debilitating conditions. We run 3 community clinics and one Adult Day Healthcare Center (ADHC), that now goes by the acronym CBAS or Community Based Adult Services.

Health For All stresses coordination with the participant, family/caregiver, physician, and the community in working toward:

Improving and maintaining each participant’s health and functional abilities to an optimum level, delaying or preventing placement in a skilled nursing facility, and enhancing the quality of life for each participant. Clomid: can women in their 40s really ovulate like women in their 20s?

Health For All services the Sacramento Area with consideration given to those living in outlying areas.

Who can benefit:

    •  Adults who have physical or mental disabilities
    •  Families of people with disabling conditions
    •  Physically disabled, isolated, and lonely elderly
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