Mission Statement

Health For All , Inc. is a non-profit, multi-ethnic, community based organization which is dedicated to provide preventive medical care and related services to the underserved populations. Our goals are to 1) provide these quality medical health and social services to low income families; 2) to provide job training and employment to community residents who can then become self-sufficient; 3) to remain a viable self supported community organization; 4) to develop new community programs.

In order to successfully meet these goals, Health For All stresses self-empowerment and independence in our staff and clients. Self-direction is encouraged and expected. Key elements, all of which, are vital to our programs, our client relations, our management system and our overall effectiveness include:

  • education and training,
  • affirmation in the community spirit, and
  • the development of a sense of belonging

When we recruit new employees or volunteers for our organization we search for mature individuals who 1) desire working in a cooperative rather than a competitive setting, 2) strive for professional and personal growth, 3) welcome opportunities for diversity, flexibility and creativity, 4) believe in linking rather than ranking, 5) promote optimal functioning capacity in themselves and other. In addition, we seek people who will commit to ‘s philosophy, goals, and existing programs; teach and model the empowerment process; becoming active participants in the development of their communities.

Health For All’s programs currently include a:

  • Child Health and Disability Prevention Program (CHDP) to prevent needless and irreversible handicaps through early detection of health programs in children; a community clinic to provide primary care,
  • Family planning and Health Education to low income people,
  • Adult Day Health Care Centers to restore and maintain optimal functioning capacity, for disabled adults and frail elderly persons and keep them independent, and an
  • Alzheimer’s Day Care to provide a safe and therapeutic environment for persons with Alzheimer’s disease while providing caring respite.